With Motion Detection, You Are Always Protected!

A ceiling-mounted Avigilon smart camera.

What Can a Motion Detector Alarm Do for Your Business? 

Protecting your business in Houston, TX, around the clock is not easy. New threats and security risks emerge every day, and it is essential to stay up to date on the latest technologies. 

At Cameras Onsite, we stay informed so you don’t have to, and design and install the best video monitoring and surveillance systems in Texas. Among the top recommendations for our clients is installing a commercial motion detector alarm system. With it, they can create a geofence around a business, effectively protecting their property and personnel at all times. 

Read on to learn how we design and install motion detection alarm systems to keep our clients and their businesses safe across Texas.

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How We Install It

Geofencing uses an array of motion sensors, signal receivers, and a smart control interface to create a secure perimeter before even installing the first camera. 

Anyone entering or leaving your property will break this virtual fence, automatically sending out a notification to yourself or a monitoring station. The same principle holds for smaller areas. For example, motion detector sensors can trigger an alarm upon unauthorized entry to a secure area.

Your business security needs and goals will ultimately determine the type of geofencing we install. 

Where We Install It

Depending on each project, motion sensors may go around the entire property, be limited to specific areas, or secure an individual room. It all depends on you, and on the type of business you are looking to protect. 

Our clients come from a wide range of industries. There are car dealerships, construction sites, apartment sites, oil and gas companies, vacant lots, and recycling facilities. All of them benefit from a motion detector alarm system. 

Where we install each camera, access control point, and alarm varies from one industry to another and on a project-to-project basis. Part of the installation process is determining how these systems will work best on your site. 

For example, in car dealerships, motion sensors inside can trigger silent alarms during a break-in. In construction sites and other larger projects, protecting the perimeter is often the top priority. 

What Goes with It

On its own, an alarm system is not enough for most businesses. Surveillance, access control, and security monitoring services are also recommended. At Cameras Onsite, we design and install every component of your security systems, review and monitor activity using next-gen AI analytics, and offer 24/7, US-based support. Best of all, we are a screen tap or a phone call away once you are ready to contact us


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