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How Virtual Security Guards Protect Your Business

Security camera footage on a touchpad device.

Gain Peace of Mind with Premium Security Solutions Keeping Watch Over Your Business 

Some businesses aren’t conducive to standard commercial security systems. Sprawling lots like car dealerships or temporary construction worksites are hard to protect with traditional solutions. That’s why Cameras Onsite creates unique, customizable solutions to fit any type of business, from oil rigs to apartment complexes. One of the solutions Cameras Onsite offers is a virtual security guard designed to protect your business all day long. Keep reading to learn more about virtual security guards and how they can stand watch over your Dallas, TX, business.

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Monitoring and Protecting Your Business

A laptop displaying black and white security camera footage of various areas of a house. 

How Do Security Monitoring Services Protect Businesses Across Texas?

If you are looking for commercial security solutions in San Antonio, TX, you probably already know there are hundreds of options available. You could always go for store-bought cameras and alarms, but this is your business we are talking about. Nothing but the best will do!

At Cameras Onsite, we know security systems must work from long before a threat is first detected up until law enforcement arrives on site. That’s why we recommend a security monitoring service to all our clients. 

Read on to learn more about security monitoring, why we always recommend it, and how it helps us protect businesses across a wide range of industries in Texas.  

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Never Leave Your Business Unattended

A professional installer working on a ceiling mounted smart camera.

A Security Camera Installation Is Part of a Proactive Approach to Commercial Safety

Crime never sleeps, and neither should your business security systems. Overnight parking lots, construction sites, and empty lots across Texas are all exposed to increasingly sophisticated criminals. One break in could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why today, a security camera installation makes more sense than ever, and if you are in Fort Worth, TX, the team at Cameras Onsite can help. 

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running. Smart cameras, when integrated with other security systems, will keep it safe. Our clients, ranging from construction developers and multifamily residential complexes to car dealerships and utility companies will all attest to that fact. 

Here are some of the considerations we will take when installing your cameras, and how these integrate with other devices as part of a comprehensive, proactive approach to commercial security.  

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3 Ways Facial Recognition Technology Secures Your Property


Camera Onsite Is the Eyes on Your Property When You’re Away

It’s crucial to keep your property secure, whether it’s a rental building, construction property, or an oil rig. Security cameras are the best way to keep watch while you’re away. However, even if a security camera catches suspicious activity, you and the authorities still have to try and identify the perpetrator. Cameras with facial recognition technology make identifying thieves and vandalists easy and will even catch repeat offenders. Keep reading to see how facial recognition helps to secure your San Antonio, TX, property!

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Replacing Aging School Security Systems with Today’s Tech

A group of college students listening to a lecture

The Benefits of Upgrading School Security with Thermal Imagery Cameras

In response to the recent rise in perilous campus events and growing concern over students’ well-being, national and state lawmakers have passed multiple bills providing funds for schools to help them secure their premises. One of the security devices schools in Houston, TX, are turning to are security cameras, particularly the thermal imagery camera.

Let’s explore what these devices offer and how they can help protect your students, teachers, and staff.

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How School Camera Systems Heighten Campus Security

A group of students walking in a school hallway.

How Professional Camera Systems Can Proactively Boost Security Measures for Your School

The addition of school camera systems to your Fort Worth, TX, school is a game-changer regarding the safety of your students and staff. A professionally monitored surveillance system heightens campus security and can deter school violence and misbehaving. 

Thousands of schools across the United States regularly invest in installing and maintaining camera systems, and Cameras Onsite can help your school do the same. Keep reading if you're interested in how continuous surveillance keeps your school safer and enables faster responses to crises. 

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A Security Monitoring Service Is Vital for Protecting Your Business

Silver security camera mounted outdoors outside of a commercial building.

A 24/7 Security Service Keeps Your Business Safe from Many External and Internal Threats, Ranging from Theft to Fraud

As a reputable and trustworthy security monitoring service in San Antonio, TX, Cameras Onsite can assure you that choosing to protect your commercial space around the clock is an excellent business decision. Spending all your time at your business is nearly impossible, even if you live close to or on the property. That's where we come in.

Cameras Onsite will keep a close eye on your business when you can't, providing the ultimate peace of mind. If you're interested in security monitoring for your commercial location, keep reading to find out more!

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3 Ways to Use Face Detection for Your Business

a person and a car being scanned and recognized by a camera

Implement Better Security, Access Control, and More with Facial Recognition Technology

Biometric recognition systems are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces. While fingerprint verification is convenient, face detection is one step ahead. 

Using AI technology, facial recognition technology scans a person’s facial features and measures them against reference images stored in the database. Rather than focusing on changeable features—such as facial hair or haircuts—the AI-enabled technology scans more permanent features, such as the width of the nose, the distance between the eyes, and the length of the jaw. 

This technology is an excellent solution for upscaling commercial security and enhancing convenience for employees. Read on to discover the top 3 ways facial recognition technology can be used at your Dallas, TX, business.

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Protect Your Business with Thermal Security Cameras

 a thermal imaging camera monitoring the crowd in a public space

Implement Better Security and Surveillance with Thermal Imaging Technology 

While average surveillance cameras watch what’s visible in front of them, thermal security cameras are different. These cameras measure a subject’s temperature by measuring its infrared radiation, allowing them to remain unhindered by environmental or lighting limitations. 

The cameras assign a color to every temperature they view for better surveillance. Rather than focusing on the physical details of a person, animal, or object, thermal imaging uses surface temperatures to convert thermal data into imagery. 

So, how does this benefit your business in Austin, TX? Read on to find out!

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Secure Your Business with a Mobile Surveillance Camera

a mobile surveillance camera installed on a wall

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Building All the Time with Mobile Cameras  

If you’re planning on upgrading your business’ security system, a mobile surveillance camera may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Unlike standard cameras that require you to install dedicated monitors to view the real-time footage within the building, you can keep watch over your facility remotely with mobile surveillance. Whether you want to keep yourself updated with a live view of your business or want to look at old surveillance footage, you can do both on any mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. 

Read on to discover some of the more advanced capabilities of mobile surveillance systems and how they can help enhance the security of your Houston, TX, business. 

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