3 Ways Facial Recognition Technology Secures Your Property


Camera Onsite Is the Eyes on Your Property When You’re Away

It’s crucial to keep your property secure, whether it’s a rental building, construction property, or an oil rig. Security cameras are the best way to keep watch while you’re away. However, even if a security camera catches suspicious activity, you and the authorities still have to try and identify the perpetrator. Cameras with facial recognition technology make identifying thieves and vandalists easy and will even catch repeat offenders. Keep reading to see how facial recognition helps to secure your San Antonio, TX, property!

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Secure Your Business with a Mobile Surveillance Camera

a mobile surveillance camera installed on a wall

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Building All the Time with Mobile Cameras  

If you’re planning on upgrading your business’ security system, a mobile surveillance camera may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Unlike standard cameras that require you to install dedicated monitors to view the real-time footage within the building, you can keep watch over your facility remotely with mobile surveillance. Whether you want to keep yourself updated with a live view of your business or want to look at old surveillance footage, you can do both on any mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. 

Read on to discover some of the more advanced capabilities of mobile surveillance systems and how they can help enhance the security of your Houston, TX, business. 

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What Is Face Detection, and How Can It Increase Security?

Security camera footage showing detected car and person.

Secure Your Commercial Property with AI-Enhanced Surveillance

Technology has come a long way recently, and AI and machine learning have started integrating into everyday life, making traditional processes simpler, faster, and more accurate. For example, the security and surveillance industry is one that AI has taken by storm, revolutionizing how we think of a “good” surveillance system. As a result, AI has introduced new security camera features, allowing people to better secure their homes and businesses.

One of these new features is face detection. Utilizing a security system with face detection capabilities can ensure your Dallas, TX business is secure, and if an incident occurs, it can speed up reaction time. Keep reading to learn more about facial recognition and its benefits. 

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5 Reasons Why Your School Needs Security Camera Installation

a person wearing a watch installing a security camera in place

A school surveillance system boosts on-campus security and safety

Creating a safe environment for students and staff is the responsibility of every school. While multiple security solutions can be added, few things beat the functionality yet sophistication of a surveillance system. Security cameras identify trespassers, incidents of violence, bullying, theft, and even absenteeism. Parents sending their child to your school have peace of mind knowing that their child is in a safe place.

There are many more benefits of surveillance systems. Read on to discover the top five reasons security camera installation is necessary for your Fort Worth, TX, school.

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