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Construction Security

As the leading construction security provider in Texas, Cameras Onsite is proud to offer security and surveillance systems to our customers across the state! Take a look at a few of the innovative job site and seamless building site camera solutions we can provide below.

Popular Camera Features

There’s no need to make it complicated. Taking command of jobsite security is imperative. but it does need a thorough approach. Our patented all-in-one surveillance systems use cutting-edge products from the leading brands in the industry. You’re protected across your Houston-area construction site. Below are just a few of the fixed and mobile video surveillance solutions we offer:

Live Video Monitoring

Use your cellphone to see, hear, and respond to potential vandals, weather emergencies, and jobsite accidents.

Camera Health Monitoring

View the health of your CCTV camera trailer system for improved peace of mind. With mobile connectivity, superintendents can troubleshoot issues on the fly.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Opportunistic crimes are a thing of the past with strategically placed lighting and audio deterrence functionality.

Virtual Security Guard

For less than the cost of a traditional security guard, buildings on your construction site are monitored and protected 24/7/365.


Theft is an unfortunate yet very real construction site problem. Whether it’s an inside job or a crime of opportunity, expensive materials are often left unattended, unsecured, and are a liability. It’s difficult to maintain a presence on a large jobsite with multiple buildings and work areas.


A regular security guard employee can only do so much. They can only be in one place at a time, and could potentially be ambushed in situations if they are working alone. Site-encompassing virtual security guard solutions are available from Cameras Onsite.

Our 100% USA-based remote monitoring team serves as your virtual security guard. No matter the time of day or day of the week, site surveillance and response are handled by us. Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with Cameras Onsite.


Just like the state of Texas, construction sites are expansive. It’s difficult to keep an eye on everything without multiple security cameras, plus trenching and cabling are an expensive deterrent for any Houston or Austin superintendent. Cameras Onsite changed that.


With Cameras Onsite, you can scale our primary all-in-one security system to cover your entire building or jobsite. Our system is self-contained, and in a day, we can handle all trenching and power infrastructure work. Once you call us, we can set up all the security cameras, lighting, and more that you need to maintain jobsite security.

High-performance video analytics, motion sensing, lighting, and audio deterrence are all at your fingertips with a Cameras Onsite setup. Simply login to your security dashboard to view live and previously recorded footage.


Maintaining employee safety is paramount for any construction job. Are your workers adhering to strict occupational safety standards, or are they a liability? With Cameras Onsite, you have a mobile video surveillance system that serves as your eyes on the ground and in the sky!


Superintendents and property owners can ensure safety adherence with live spot-checks, no matter where they’re located! Remotely tap into live video feeds and rely on motion sensors, audio deterrence, and more to help avoid risk.

Because you can handle these quality checks remotely, your employees will act as they typically do on-the-job, instead of noticing the safety enforcement team and trying to put on their best behavior.


Contact Cameras Onsite to learn more about our innovative job site security cameras, seamless building site solutions and best-in-class construction security solutions!
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