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Apartment Building Security

If you’ve had a rash of break-ins recently, you need an immediate security response to ease the fears and concerns of your residents. Cameras Onsite can help you do just that with customized apartment building security solutions.
Apartment Security

Popular Camera Features

There’s no need to make it complicated. Taking command of your apartment building security in Houston or Fort Worth, TX is imperative. Our patented all-in-one surveillance systems use cutting-edge products from the leading brands in the industry, so your residents stay protected day and night. Below are just a few of the fixed and mobile CCTV solutions we offer:

Live Video Monitoring

Using your phone, view security cameras for potential vandals, home emergencies, and building accidents.


Pitch-black and low-light environments are no match for Camera Onsite’s comprehensive mobile surveillance units.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Apartment building and parking lot crimes are a thing of the past with strategically placed lighting and audio deterrence.

Virtual Security Guard

For less than the cost of a traditional security guard, apartment buildings are protected 24/7/365 with virtual guard services.


A parking lot without security cameras or safety lighting is the perfect scenario for criminals. Checking door handles, peering through windows, and smash-and-grabs are all commonplace in apartment complexes across the state of Texas.


Cameras Onsite incorporates smart security cameras from top brands like Avigilon, so your Fort Worth or Houston-area complex is in good hands at all times of day. AI-informed video analytics can determine the subtle differences between humans loitering or moving quickly and animals scampering across an area in the dead of night.

When security cameras detect motion, you’re sent a smartphone notification and our remote monitoring team are notified as well. You’ll be able to view live footage and our team can assess the danger as well. Apartment home security has never been simpler.


Shared community spaces, stairways, amenity centers, and more are all areas where vandalism and burglaries occur regularly in apartment settings. Monitoring all of these locations simultaneously is a tremendous endeavor.


From Houston to Fort Worth and beyond, Camera Onsite’s virtual security guard services do more than any traditional guard could dream of. Imagine being in multiple locations at once, monitoring key locations on your Texas property, and logging into your phone to view camera footage with the tap of your finger.

With a virtual security guard, you have eyes in all of the key locations you care about. And property managers will be able to view CCTV camera footage using their mobile phones as well. Apartment home security is easy with Cameras Onsite’s patented solutions.


Maintaining apartment building security for your Houston, TX residents is as big of an endeavor as the state itself. Our competitors’ security systems only offer rudimentary response measures and can cause a headache with false alarms.


From the convenience of your smartphone or mobile device, you’ll be able to monitor live and previously recorded CCTV footage in an instant. And if you’re unavailable, our 100% USA-based remote monitoring team helps Fort Worth property managers and leasing agents with all of their surveillance and emergency response needs.

Besides security camera footage, you’ll also be able to check the health of your system from your smartphone. Save yourself a trip back to the property by handling common issues in just a few taps from the comfort of your own home.


Schedule a consultation today to incorporate the latest apartment building security methods into your Texas community.
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