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Recycling Facilities

Recycling facilities and scrap yards have unique security and surveillance concerns, and Cameras Onsite can help. Scroll below to learn more about our patented surveillance camera systems and response solutions.
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Popular Camera Features

With cutting-edge technologies, you can protect your recycling center or scrap yard in Texas. From parking lots to entry points to intake bays, you need top-of-class solutions. Read more about the functions a CCTV camera trailer system can do for your Austin facility.


Facial recognition software noticed repeat offenders that try to sell you materials then steal it back again.


Potential threats are detected in low-light and no-light environments with specialty thermal imaging capabilities.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Sirens, flashing lights, well-lit parking lots and more are all in your surveillance arsenal with Cameras Onsite.

Virtual Security Guard

Enjoy full-time virtual protection when detected threats, loitering patrons, and perimeter breaches are spotted in real-time.


Trespassing and theft are two common issues at San Antonio and Austin-area scrap yards. Valuable, high-dollar materials are left unattended in the dead of night, but to deter thieves, you need a comprehensive camera system.


Our fixed and mobile CCTV camera trailer systems provide comprehensive coverage of your entire facility. Tap into live and recorded footage in high-definition, with features such as license plate recognition that’s invaluable for your parking lot and adjacent roads. This outdoor security camera solution connects to your phone, so you can monitor everything from the palm of your hand.

With Cameras Onsite, you can rest easier knowing that your facility is protected at all times of day with the best-in-class surveillance camera features.


Your recycling or waste management center has valuable materials on-site year-round, but when your employees go home, is your San Antonio recycling center secured? And do you have a method to respond to repeat offenders that try to take advantage of your intake protocols?


Outdoor, AI-enabled thermal cameras can detect hot spots before fires occur, and facial recognition software reduces theft by repeat offenders. Motion sensors are intelligent enough to determine the difference between a vehicle idling nearby, a person loitering, and an animal scampering across your lot. All of these features combine to offer our San Antonio and Austin, TX clients the ultimate facility protection!

Cameras Onsite brings bespoke camera trailer systems to sites just like yours, and ensures you have the protection you need when and where you need it most.


Schedule a recycling center or scrap yard consultation today! Cameras Onsite proudly serves Texans across the state.
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