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Oil & Gas Security

Running an oil or gas rig is a considerable investment, and equipment theft is a high-dollar problem in the industry. Cameras Onsite ensures gas and oil rig security, assists in keeping employees safe, and more. Learn about our patented systems below.
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Popular Camera Features

Taking command of your oil and gas facility security requires an expertly designed system and strategic installation, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Cameras Onsite uses cutting-edge mobile video surveillance systems from the leading brands in the industry, ensuring you’re always protected with the most advanced technologies. Look at the features we incorporate into our all-in-one solutions below:

Live Video Monitoring

Connect to live security feeds of your oil or gas rig using your smart device. See, hear, and respond to potential threats or emergencies in from Dallas to Austin.

Camera Health Monitoring

Check the connectivity on your gas or oil rig’s security devices with a real-time view. Save yourself the trip to the San Antonio facility by handling issues on the fly.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Internal theft and crimes of opportunity are a thing of the past with strategically placed lighting and audio deterrence capabilities.

Virtual Security Guard

For less than the cost of a traditional security guard, your entire Houston or Dallas oil and gas site is monitored and protected 24/7/365.


Rigs are practically everywhere in Texas, and one of the biggest problems is adding the infrastructure to support all of the necessary technology. Large-scale infrastructure projects are often unattainable for non-essential measures. Your oil and gas rig security is essential, though!


Our patented mobile video surveillance solutions can be installed across your Houston or San Antonio site in less than a day, in most cases. We handle all of the power, connectivity, and trenching you need to get your system up and running so your equipment is protected 24/7/365.

All-in-one systems incorporate lighting, audio deterrence, live video monitoring and more so managers and superintendents can protect their high-dollar rig equipment.


Once your employees leave the rig, who is handling the security of equipment, buildings, drilling rooms or other areas? Unless you hire several full-time security guards, keeping an eye on the property is a difficult task.


Advanced AI-enabled video analytics and thermal imaging functions of our security cameras ensure a completely site-encompassing solution for our Texas oil and gas industry clients. Infrared capability offers an all-seeing eye on your rig no matter the lighting conditions.

With thermal imaging, our cameras are able to detect heat, so anyone found encroaching upon your property under the veil of darkness will signal an alert. Our remote monitoring team can assess the issue, and key staff are sent an alert on their smartphones so they can view live video footage of the situation as well.


Oil and gas rig managers and safety teams are unable to be at all jobsite locations simultaneously. Ensuring proper adherence to occupational safety protocols is imperative for most sites’ insurance needs and employee safety.


Having mobile CCTV feeds of drilling rooms, platforms, building entries and other areas on your Houston or Dallas rig is a convenient solution for managers. Watch live video footage of employees on the rig without hovering over their shoulders. This ensures you’ll have a truer picture of just how strictly the team adheres to proper protocols.

With the tap of a finger, you can use your cell phone to watch or share live and previously recorded video surveillance footage.


For the ultimate, all-in-one oil rig security solution from Houston to Dallas and beyond, connect with Cameras Onsite for a consultation now.
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