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Crime Never Sleeps. Neither Should Your Security System

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Why Hiring a Security Monitoring Service is an Essential Component of Commercial Security Systems 

Since crime never naps on the job, it makes sense for your commercial security system to stay awake 24/7. Unfortunately, great equipment alone is not always enough. Criminals could always cut a wire, or something as common as a power outage could take out your entire system.

At Cameras Onsite, we offer the premium products, expertise, and security monitoring service to give you the peace of mind you need. We are the leading live video monitoring company in San Antonio, TX, offering 24/7 US-based support to our clients. 

Here are the top three reasons you should let the experts manage and monitor your commercial security system.

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Live Video Monitoring

Protecting a business is not easy. For example, recycling facilities, construction sites, and oil rigs often require dozens of cameras, hundreds of sensors, and alarms to be properly secured. Monitoring all this equipment is just as complex and a necessity if you want to take a proactive approach to secure and protect your business. 

Brands like Avigilon offer surveillance equipment with built-in video analytics, thermal imaging, and AI technology to keep your business safe. But how can you expect to go through all that footage?

At Cameras Onsite, our team of trained, local professionals provide 24-hour support, no matter the size of your business.

AI Technology 

Our patented live monitoring solutions, such as virtual security guard, provide non-stop video surveillance and system monitoring for your business. How so?

Self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics will comb through all your footage, monitoring for unusual activity and recognizing faces, license plates, and other relevant events. This data is then stored and analyzed by our team of experts, saving you the trouble of going through it yourself. Best of all, you can keep track of it from your smartphone!

Camera Health Monitoring

With our experts managing your security system, you can rest assured that even in worst-case scenarios, we’ve got your back. From power outages to faulty connections and cut wires, many things could go wrong with your security system. That’s where camera health monitoring comes in. 

Our experts not only monitor footage from your business but also make sure that all equipment is working perfectly. If a camera goes out, we will know, notify the authorities, and have someone on site before any damage occurs. 

Whether for a new or existing security system, a monitoring service is essential for your peace of mind. Reach out to our team to learn what we can do for you and your business! 




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