4 Reasons a School Surveillance System is a Must-Have

students standing in the corridor of a school

Create a safe environment for students by adding surveillance cameras

When you run a school, it is your responsibility to ensure your students and staff remain safe while on campus. To do so, you must integrate comprehensive school security solutions. While there are multiple additions you can make to add an extra layer of security, a school surveillance system will always remain one of the priorities. Read on to learn the top 4 reasons your school in Fort Worth, TX, needs a surveillance system.


1. Keep a Record of All Incidents

Bullying and fights among students aren’t uncommon occurrences in schools. But instead of relying on hearsay, you can get actual coverage of all incidences with the help of a surveillance system.

As a result, you can determine which party is to be held responsible and enforce disciplinary action accordingly. Surveillance footage can easily be provided to parents and law enforcement as needed when dealing with these incidents. 

Keeping an eye on bullying could have more serious effects on your security as well. A recent Safe Schools Initiative Report found that 87% of violent attackers in schools showed evidece of bullying and 10% showed visual signs of non-compliance in taking meidcation. In both cases, closer monitoring of students could have fixed the issues.

2. Implement More Robust Access Control

Access control is an essential security feature that allows you to control who can enter the campus. An advanced system grants or restricts access based on credentials that may be a PIN code, password, thumbprint, keycard, or facial recognition.

While you get data of the credentials at the time of entry with the access control system, with a surveillance system, you can also get a visual record, thus preventing misuse of keycards and credentials.

3. Improves Reaction Time During Emergencies

The time it takes to react to emergencies is crucial. It is important that the response time is as short as possible to ensure help gets to you in time.

With a surveillance system, you can immediately spot unusual activities and call for help right away, allowing you to save as many lives as possible.

Additionally, it also helps authorities pinpoint the location of all students so that everyone can be safely evacuated from the building. After authorities arrive, they’ll be able to track any assailant easily through live surveillance footage. 

4. Mitigates False Alarms

Sometimes a car backfire can create a sound similar to gunfire. As a result, it can ring a false alarm, inducing panic among staff and students alike. With surveillance cameras, you can distinguish false alarms from actual threats, allowing you to avoid unnecessary panics at school.

A school surveillance system is all you need to add an extra layer of security on campus. Cameras Onsite works with the top brands and delivers exceptional school security solutions.

Get started on your security project today by giving us a call at (877) 418 – 2268 or filling out our contact form. 


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