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Mobile Surveillance Solutions

If you’re looking for a comprehensive mobile surveillance camera system for your Austin, San Antonio, or Houston-area property, then Cameras Onsite has a solution for your unique industry needs. We work with high-performance brands like Avigilon that feature thermal imaging, analytics, and faster processing power than other security systems that are touted as “smart.” Your system is crafted from the ground up, utilizing only the products and services that you actually need on your construction site or apartment building in Texas.

And if you’re offsite, no worries. Our remote monitoring team is 100% based in the USA and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies and threats are communicated to you, and you can view live video footage no matter the time of day. Learn about some of our mobile surveillance features below.

Our Product Offerings

  • Sniper

    Imagine having a panoramic view of your entire construction site or apartment building parking lot in low-level lighting conditions. Sniper security cameras have high-performance internal chip sets with clear, detailed imaging so you can rest assured that your property in DFW or Austin, TX is always protected.
  • Spotter

    With our patented surveillance camera design, your Houston-area home or Fort Worth property are protected from both nearby and far-away threats. Mobile cameras feature advanced spotter functionality, so your farm crops are secured no matter the time of year.
  • Cam-V

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  • Rental Surveillance Units

    Cameras Onsite can complete a surveillance installation on your construction site, apartment building, or power plant in less than a day, thanks to our all-in-one mobile surveillance rental units. You’re protected in record-breaking time without the headache or hassle of a large project expenditure.
  • Recon

    This outdoor mobile surveillance camera offers a long-range view of the area surrounding your car dealership lot or farm crops in Austin or Dallas/Fort Worth. You’ll be able to covertly discover information about potential threats and search for a person of interest through previously recorded or live footage using your mobile phone.
Mobile Camera

How It Works

Our innovative approach yields astonishing results that our competitors simply cannot match. With over two decades of experience, we have proven results throughout the great state of Texas in several industries.
  • Step One: Create a security camera plan for your unique industry needs
  • Step Two: Install high-performance cameras with cutting edge features
  • Step Three: Our 100% USA-based monitoring team helps protect your property

Live Video Monitoring

Connect to live footage using your phone to see, hear, and respond to potential threats, employees or emergencies.

Camera Health Monitoring

Ensure every device is connected and working properly with a real-time view of the health of your camera system.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Strategic lighting ensures your Austin or San Antonio building isn’t left dark for an opportunistic crime. You’ll have eyes, ears, and a voice everywhere.

Virtual Security Guard

For the fraction of the cost of a security guard, your Dallas or Austin-area car dealership, farm, or crops are secured and monitored.

Video Analytics / AI

Is a person loitering at the perimeter of your property? High-performance mobile surveillance camera systems let you know in an instant!

Remote Safety

Connect to your system to view mobile security camera footage or communicate with construction site employees remotely.

Thermal Imaging

Cutting-edge mobile systems include thermal imaging so you have eyes on the entire site, regardless of the weather or lighting conditions.

Recommended Industries

Our patented security and mobile surveillance systems are perfect for your unique industry needs. From farms, gas and oil rigs, power plants, utility substations, and cell towers, we’ll craft a reliable solution for you in less time than traditional surveillance setups. From Dallas/Fort Worth to Austin to San Antonio and beyond, we will customize a system for you.
  • Car Dealership Security

    From wheels to catalytic converters to the cars themselves, your car dealership is vulnerable without a proper security solution.
  • Construction Security

    Our self-contained mobile surveillance systems protect your Austin-area construction site both day and night with night vision technology.
  • Apartment Security

    If you’ve experienced a rash of break-ins recently, we have a security monitoring solution customizable to your apartment or townhome complex.
  • Oil & Gas Security

    The equipment and materials on your San Antonio or Houston, TX facility are protected 24/7/365 with Avigilon analytics, license plate recognition, and more.
  • Neighborhood Surveillance

    Popular community amenities such as pools, parks, and walking trails are better protected with bespoke mobile surveillance systems from Cameras Onsite.
  • Utilities

    To meet government standards and regulations, utility substations and power must be protected at all times to provide continuity of service to city residents.
  • Vacant Property Security

    Protect your vacation rental or bank foreclosure with live video monitoring. Our CCTV camera trailer systems are the perfect solution for you.
  • Recycling Facilities

    Your recycling facility needs a surveillance and monitoring system with Avigilon’s facial recognition functionality that protects you from repeat offenders.
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