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Vacant Property Security

There’s no need for vacant properties in Houston to be vulnerable properties! Protect your Texas buildings and land with bespoke surveillance camera systems from Cameras Onsite. Learn more about what we offer below.
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Popular Camera Features

For banks or property owners that need to ensure the safety of their vacant properties, having a solid security and surveillance solution is imperative. Former tenants, burglars, and vandals are all potential threats to your Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio building or parcel of land. To prevent damage and theft, Cameras Onsite uses several of the following camera features, plus you can connect to surveillance camera footage using your smartphone!

Live Video Monitoring

Use your cellphone to monitor live security footage and motion alerts on your vacant property in San Antonio or Houston, TX.

Camera Health Monitoring

From vacant properties in Houston to crops in Dallas, our monitoring systems give you a real-time view on connectivity and device health.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Vandalism and burglaries are a thing of the past with audio announcements and lights used as deterrent on your vacant property.

Virtual Security Guard

Our camera systems serve as your full-time security guard, plus you can monitor footage from the convenience of your smartphone.


Unmonitored homes, lots, and buildings are common locations for squatters and vandals. They see the opportunity to take advantage of your vacant property, especially if there is no visible security presence to act as a deterrent.


Our fixed and mobile surveillance camera systems offer an eagle-eye view of every entry point, parking lot, or crop area you want to protect. No matter where you’re located, you can check on your Houston or Dallas-area vacant property from the convenience of your phone. View live video feeds and recorded footage in stunning high-definition color. Thermal imaging and AI-informed cameras offer a clear picture of squatters or vandals, so you can respond effectively and in real-time.

With Cameras Onsite, you can rest easier knowing that your investments are well-protected when – and where – you need it most.


With foreclosure properties, an unexpected visit from the previous tenant is a common concern for banks or investment firms. To deter these visits of retribution or vandalism, it is important to have more than a padlock on the front door.


Some vandals are knowledgeable enough to spot surveillance cameras, but having a multi-faceted approach to your vacant property security is required. Pair cameras and sensors with audio and light deterrence. Detected motion along the perimeter of a lot, near your crops, or at key entry points has an immediate response. Sirens, announcements, and flashing lights all work in synchronization to startle, track, and stop

One-size does not fit all, and Cameras Onsite respects your security needs. We offer customized solutions with multiple features for your vacant property or crop system, with live video monitoring and more!


With several properties or large lots to maintain, keeping an eye on every aspect of each property is overwhelming. If a bad weather situation occurs, you may be left wondering if your surveillance system is still working, and may be debating whether you need to drive to every property to check.


With camera health monitoring from Cameras Onsite, vacant property management does not need to be a complicated endeavor. You can own properties in different cities – from Austin to Dallas to Houston and beyond – and protect it all. Inspect device connectivity and health, troubleshoot common issues using your smartphone, plus rely on our 100% USA-based team to help you maintain a security and surveillance presence at all times.


For the ultimate vacant property security response system, connect with Cameras Onsite today. We happily support our Texas clients!
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