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Car Dealerships

Those in the car dealership industry know that theft and vandalism are serious concerns year-round. Whether in the light of day or in the dark of night, you need non-stop surveillance and monitoring for your vehicle inventory. Cameras Onsite can help.
Car Dealerships

Popular Camera Features

Taking command of your car dealership security doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need a thorough approach. Cameras Onsite uses cutting-edge products from the leading brands in the industry, which ensures you’re protected with the most advanced technologies. Take a look at the features we incorporate into our all-in-one security solutions below:

Live Video Monitoring

Connect to live parking lot CCTV feeds using your smart device to see, hear, and respond to potential threats, employees, or emergencies in Houston or Dallas.

Camera Health Monitoring

Check on security device connectivity with a real-time view. Save yourself the trip to your car dealership and handle issues on the fly.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Opportunistic crimes are a thing of the past with strategically placed lighting and audio deterrence capabilities.

Virtual Security Guard

For less than the cost of a traditional security guard, your entire Dallas, TX dealership site is monitored and protected 24/7/365


Vandalism is a crime of opportunity. With high-dollar inventory sitting in your lot at all times of day, vandals are looking for a way to destroy or otherwise damage your Dallas/Fort Worth property. Without a security presence, vehicles are left vulnerable to danger.


A parking lot camera system is a major deterrent to vandalism, from the inventory lot to the service garages, entry gates, and office areas. Not only do security cameras serve as a deterrent to potential crimes, but they can help business owners in instances where acts of crime have been committed.

Accessible via cloud or on-site CCTV video storage, recorded footage is downloadable. In the instances of vandalism or theft, this footage can be used by local law enforcement to catch and prosecute criminals..


Poor lighting leaves your car dealership vulnerable. Entries, garages, and far-off locations of your Texas lot need adequate lighting to deter thieves and vandals. Contact Cameras Onsite to secure your high-dollar inventory today.


No matter the time of day, you can rest assured that your Houston or San Antonio property has the ultimate parking lot surveillance solutions. Our custom solutions can provide bright lighting in all of the right places, and with video analytics technology from Avigilon, your camera system can even see in low-light and no-light parking and service areas.

All-in-one parking lot and car dealership solutions are custom-crafted to fit your needs. The combination of lighting and cameras offer a layer of protection that other companies simply cannot provide Texas business owners the same way Cameras Onsite can.


The safety of your car dealership shouldn’t end because staff members went home for the evening. Your expensive vehicles are susceptible to crimes of opportunity and organized crime, so you need to keep them safe at all times of day and every day of the week.


The Cameras Onsite security and surveillance team offers a 24/7/365 remote monitoring team that is 100% based in the USA. Detected motion, perimeter breaches, and building security are all monitored no matter the time of day.

Property managers will also receive push notifications on their smartphones. You’ll be able to view live and previously recorded footage to keep an eye on your site yourself. If your system detects anything concerning, our team can contact local law enforcement to handle the situation immediately.


For the ultimate car dealership security solution in Texas, schedule a consultation with Cameras Onsite today.
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